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Danhostel Faxe has been a Youth hostel since 1938

Danhostel Faxe Vandrerhjem (Youth Hostel) is a modern youth hostel with good sleeping facilities as well as good facilities for conferences and parties etc. It is also a very attractive place for school camps and other large groups.

We have beds for 88 guests in our 21 rooms. 19 of these rooms are equiped with their own bathroom and toilet.

The good story – and something extra!

A special place of work.. since 1990

Beside running a youth hostel in a very nice location, we are also an education and training centre for people with special needs.
Citizens with special needs such as intellectual disabilities and brain-damaged or other disabilities.

For these citizens we can offer sheltered employment, social and other activities and/or specially organiced training under Danish social and educational legislation.
The goal of our training courses for these citizens is to ensure labour market inclusion if possible!

We are proud of our colleagues/students, who are an active and important part of our every day life.

  • Kitchen: Cooking and preparing food
  • Waiting: Laying the table, serving and clearing the table
  • Service: Tidying, cleaning and preparing the conference facilities and the rooms
  • Janitor: Maintenance of our buildings and outdoor areas

The education and development of our participants competences is handled by our engaged and skilled staff.